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Date: 22nd July 2016
Center Line-type Butterfly Valve
Technical dataSpecification?DN50-DN2600Nominal pressure: PN10/PN16Working temperature: -10??150?Suitable medium: Water, sewage, seawater, gas, food, oil and so on.Connection Mode: Flange ModeProduct Features: This valve is mainly formed by body, disc, stem, seat and actuator device.?It has 90?degree quick on-off operation, minimized operating torque which is handy and energy-saving.Vulcanized seat coated on body can separate body and medium completely. It has long service lifeand is suitable to be used in harsh working conditions, and it bears bi-directional pressure in closing?with no leakage. Its flow curve is tending to straight line and its regulation performance is excellent.Sealing Performance: Valve is soft sealed and its sealing performance of disc and seat is excellent inclosing. Bi-directional seal performs well; torque is small; 100% no leakage can be ensured under working?pressure and friction is small between disc and seat (rubber lining). Stem drives disc in valve and discdoes 90?degree rotation. Opening and closing of disc is flexible without jam and beat; torque is small.
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