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Date: 22nd July 2016
High Temperature Pressure Power Station Gate Valve
Product Type: Gate ValveProduct Name:?High Temperature Pressure Power Station Gate Valve?Product Details:Place of Origin:?ChinaCertification:?ISO9001-CEProduct DescriptionHigh Temperature and High Pressure A216 WCB ?Electric High Pressure Weld Gate Valves for?Power Station:Applications:?Petroleum Production and Refining, Hydrocracking, Primary Coolant, Reactor Feed, Safety Systems, Shutdown Cooling, Condensate, Utility, Condensate Cooling Water, Containment Spray, Core Spray, Geothermal, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, High Pressure Safety Injection, High Temperature Service, Hydrocarbon Processing, Power GenerationIndustries:?Boiler Circulation Systems, Steam Systems, Boiler Feedwater Systems, Boiling Water Reactors Non-safety, Boiling Water Reactors Safety, Condensate Systems, Cooling Systems, Heavy Oil and Upgrading, Nuclear Power, OEM, Power Generation, Pressurized Water Reactors - Non-safety, Pressurized Water Reactors - Safety, SAGD, Boiler FeedStandards:?Nuclear, ISO 9001:2000, ISO, ASME (ANSI)Misc:?High Temp, High Pressure
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